HOFR Welding Cable:

Our heavy duty flexible welding cable is highly performance & excellent flexibility to last longer applications.

The cable is heat & oil resistant & flame retardant (HOFR), double insulated & best to carry the required current. It is suitable for all kind of welding generators.


Size: 16SQMM, 25SQMM, 50SQMM

Thermocouple Wire:

Type K thermocouple wire is Grade A, providing accuracy within.

Two core conductors are insulated with high temperature glass braid, with a maximum working temperature of 800°C, it is used to convert the thermal energy at the hot junction of thermocouple to an electrical mV signal which can then be used by temperature control & recording instruments to accurately record & control the temperature of the item being heat treated. Each roll has 100m length of wire.


Length of wire: 100m

Type K: A Grade

Colour: Red (-) & yellow (+)

Maximum working temperature: 800° C

Standards: Conforms with GB/T 2614-2010, BSEN 60584-2, ASTM E230-1993, ANSI MC96.1-1982

Designed for interconnection between thermocouple cable & control and recording instruments. Each roll has 100m length of cable. It is suitable for use with Type K thermocouple.


PVC double insulated

Material: 2 x 13/0.2mm Copper/Constantan

Maximum working temperature: (-25  ̴105°C)

Standards: Conforms with ASTME230-1993

Jacket colour: Outer-Red Inner-Blue+White

Length of wire: 100m

Triple Cable Set:

The triple cable set consists of two lengths of HOFR, double insulated copper cable, complete with two 300amp female camlock connector & an inline female thermocouple socket on one end and two 300amp male camlock connector & an inline male thermocouple plug on the other end.

It is used with Heat treatment Units to connect them to the heaters & thermocouple. This set is sold in 15m & 30m lengths.

Splitter Cables:

It is used to connect heating elements in parallel to Triple Cable sets & allow for the accurate zonal temperature control of multiple heating elements from one single control output.

The splitter cable is manufactured from copper cable in one metre lengths as standard with a 300amp male camlock connector on one end to attach to the power supply & two 60amp female camlock connectors on the other end for attaching to the ceramic heaters.

The splitters are available in black & orange sheath.


2 way splitter cable set

3 way splitter cable set

4 way splitter cable set

5 way splitter cable set