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PWHT Power Source



            INCERTECH makes 50 kVA, 65 kVA, 100 kva, 130 kva heat treatment unit. It has been robustly constructed to provide power to electrical resistance heaters at 65 / 80 volts, suitable for site and shop working. The output from the unit is split into six individual heating circuits for temperature control. Each output circuit has 12.5 kW of power, which is sufficient capacity for 4 standard ceramic pads rated at 2.7 kW or 3 standard ceramic pads rated at 3.6 kW connected in parallel. Each of the six circuits may be controlled individually using either energy regulators in manual mode or using PID controllers in automatic mode to gain control over rates of heating and cooling as well as soak conditions.




Specifications – ICT65 power source




Ø  Length: Approx. 800 mm

Ø  Width: Approx. 800 mm

Ø  Height: Approx. 900 mm

Ø  Weight: Approx. 465 kg

Ø  Material: 3.5 mm angle frame & 14/16 gauge steel painted cabinet

Ø  Handling: Four top lifting eye lugs and forklift access.







Ø  Voltage: 380-415-440, 3 Phase

Ø  Current: 100 amp

Ø  Power: 75 KVA Isolated Copper Wound

Ø  Frequency: 60 Hz / 50 Hz




Output Per Zone:



Ø  Zones: 6

Ø  Voltage: 65 or 85 VAC, single phase

Ø  Current: 194 amps @ 65 V or 152 amps 85V

Ø  Power: 12.5 KVA

Ø  Activation: 250 amp single pole contactor

Ø  Control per zone: Digital temperature control via Programmer / Controller





Control Circuit:



Ø  Voltage: 230 VAC, single phase

Ø  Current: 5 amp circuit breaker

Ø  Power: 1.2 KVA winding on power transformer

Ø  Auxiliary: 230 VAC supply, single phase




6 Channel Temperature Programmer/Controller:



Ø  Temperature Range: 0-2000°F or 0-1200°C

Ø  Thermocouple: Type “K”






Ø  230-VAC Control Circuit: 5 amp circuit breaker

Ø  Heater Power: Isolation contactor for each zone

Ø  Console Power: 100 amp main circuit breaker

Ø  Power Transformer: 160°C thermal protection

Ø  Cooling fan: 208 CFM








Programmer can be supplied separately 

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Low voltage heat treatment equipment

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