Triple cable set consists of three types of cables as described bellow

A) Feed cable

These are 25 mtr cables of 25 sqmm with a 300 amp camlock plug and socket at each end. These cables transfer power from the Power Source to the heating pads placed on the job.

B) Return cable

These 25 mtr long cables of 25sqmm with a 300 amp plug and socket connection. They carry current from the heating pads back to the source.

C) Compensation Cables

This are used to connect each thermocouple to the respective channel of the programmerer. The compensating cable is of the same electrical characteristics as the nickel chrome/nickel alumel thermocouple wire. The twin wire is insulated in a colour coded rubber sleeve with an outer rubber insulated PVC sheath. Take care to ensure correct polarisation and connection.

Copper lead positive - White

Constantan lead negative – Blue

ii) 3/4 Way Splitter Cables

Used for connecting the feed cable to 3/4 nos. of 60 V heating pads & taking return connection back from heating pads to return cable. These have one interconnection plug (to connect to the feed cable) and 3/4 output sockets (to connect 3/4 heating pads).

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Triple Cable Set & Splitters

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